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§ 221.121
How to prepare and file applications for Special Tariff Permission.
(a) Form. Each application for Special Tariff Permission to file a tariff on less than statutory notice shall conform to the requirements of § 221.212 if filed electronically.
(b) Number of paper copies and place of filing. For paper format applications, the original and one copy of each such application for Special Tariff Permission, including all exhibits thereto and amendments thereof, shall be sent to the Office of International Aviation, Department of Transportation, Washington, DC 20590.
(c) Who may make application. Applications for Special Tariff Permission to file fares, or other tariff provisions on less than statutory notice shall be made only by the issuing carrier or agent authorized to issue and file the proposed tariff. Such application by the issuing carrier or agent will constitute application on behalf of all carriers participating in the proposed fares, or other tariff provisions.
(d) When notice is required. Notice in the manner set forth in paragraph (e) of this section is required when a carrier files an application for Special Tariff Permission:
(1) To offer passenger fares that would be outside a Department-established zone of price flexibility or, in markets for which the Department has not established such a zone, outside the statutory zone of price flexibility; or
(2) To file any price increase or rule change that the carrier believes is likely to be controversial.
(e) Form of notice. When notice of filing of a Special Tariff Permission application affecting passenger fares is required by paragraph (d) of this section, the carrier shall, when it files the application, give immediate telegraphic notice or other notice approved by the Office of International Aviation, to all certificated and foreign route carriers authorized to provide nonstop or one-stop service in the markets involved, and to civic parties that would be substantially affected. The application shall include a list of the parties notified.