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§ 211.21
Amendments or renewal of foreign air carrier permits.
A person applying for an amendment or renewal of a foreign air carrier permit shall submit the information listed below. The applicant must comply fully with this requirement. If the applicant is unable to respond to an item, the application shall contain an explanation and include substitute information most closely approximating the information requested. The Department may require an applicant to provide any additional information necessary.
(a) The information required in paragraphs (a), (b), (i), (o), (q), (r), and (s), of § 211.20.
(b) Except if seeking renewal of existing authority, the information specified in paragraphs (c) and (p) of § 211.20 regarding the new or altered services proposed to be operated.
(c) If the financial material for the applicant on file with the Department is more than 2 years old, financial summaries setting forth, in U.S. dollars, the applicant's profit and loss statements and balance sheets for the 2 most recent available years (calendar or fiscal) as required in paragraph (n) of § 211.20, together with the statement of completeness and accuracy required by that paragraph. If the financial material on file with the Department is 2 years old or less, the applicant may incorporate that information by reference as described in § 211.14 of this part.
(d) If the ownership and control of the applicant are substantially unchanged, so state. If a change has occurred, the applicant shall respond to the paragraph in § 211.20 that most closely relates to the change that has taken place.
(e) A statement that applicant's maintenance program continues to comply with the provisions of ICAO Pilots and Airmen Annexes 1, 6 (Part 1) and 7.
[ER-1386, 49 FR 33439, Aug. 23, 1984]