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§ 13.13
Consent orders.
(a) At any time before the issuance of an order under this subpart, the official who issued the notice and the person subject to the notice may agree to dispose of the case by the issuance of a consent order by the official.
(b) A proposal for a consent order, submitted to the official who issued the notice, under this section must include—
(1) A proposed order;
(2) An admission of all jurisdictional facts;
(3) An express waiver of the right to further procedural steps and of all rights to judicial review; and
(4) An incorporation by reference of the notice and an acknowledgment that the notice may be used to construe the terms of the order.
(c) If the issuance of a consent order has been agreed upon after the filing of a request for hearing in accordance with subpart D of this part, the proposal for a consent order shall include a request to be filed with the Hearing Officer withdrawing the request for a hearing and requesting that the case be dismissed.