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§ 1310.5
Meetings and actions of the Board.
(a) Place and frequency. The Board meets, on the call of the Chairman, in order to consider matters requiring action by the Board. The time and place for any such meeting shall be determined by the members of the Board.
(b) Quorum and voting. Two voting members of the Board constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. All decisions and determinations of the Board shall be made by a majority vote of the voting members. All votes on determinations of the Board required by the Act shall be recorded in the minutes. A Board member may request that any vote be recorded according to individual Board members.
(c) Agenda of meetings. As a general rule, an agenda for each meeting shall be distributed to members of the Board at least 48 hours in advance of the date of the meeting, together with copies of materials relevant to the agenda items.
(d) Minutes. The Chief Administrative Officer shall keep minutes of each Board meeting and of action taken without a meeting, a draft of which is to be distributed to each member of the Board as soon as practicable after each meeting or action. To the extent practicable, the minutes of a Board meeting shall be corrected and approved at the next meeting of the Board.
(e) Use of conference call communications equipment. Any member may participate in a meeting of the Board through the use of conference call, telephone or similar communications equipment, by means of which all persons participating in the meeting can simultaneously speak to and hear each other. Any member so participating in a meeting shall be deemed present for all purposes, except that the Comptroller General of the United States or the designee of the Comptroller General, who serves as a nonvoting member, shall not participate in any of the Board's discussions or deliberations in connection with individual loan guarantee applications. Actions taken by the Board at meetings conducted through the use of such equipment, including the votes of each member, shall be recorded in the usual manner in the minutes of the meetings of the Board.
(f) Actions between meetings. When, in the judgment of the Chairman, it is desirable for the Board to consider action without holding a meeting, the relevant information and recommendations for action may be transmitted to the members by the Chief Administrative Officer and the voting members may communicate their votes to the Chairman in writing (including an action signed in counterpart by each Board member), electronically, or orally (including telephone communication). Any action taken under this paragraph has the same effect as an action taken at a meeting. Any such action shall be recorded in the minutes. If a voting member believes the matter should be considered at a meeting, the member may so notify the Chief Administrative Officer and the matter will be scheduled for consideration at a meeting.
(g) Delegations of authority. The Board may delegate authority, subject to such terms and conditions as the Board deems appropriate, to the Executive Director, the Legal Counsel, or the Chief Administrative Officer, to take certain actions not required by the Act to be taken by the Board. All delegations shall be made pursuant to resolutions of the Board and recorded in writing, whether in the minutes of a meeting or otherwise. Any action taken pursuant to delegated authority has the effect of an action taken by the Board.