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§ 272.10
Conditions applicable to carriers serving a subsidized market.
(a) The Department may, after providing an opportunity for comment by the carrier or carriers affected, impose service, fare or rate conditions on any U.S., Freely Associated State, foreign air carrier, or foreign carrier by air as a precondition to the payment of compensation necessary to maintain essential air service, whether or not the affected carrier is itself receiving subsidy compensation in the market, if it finds that:
(1) Essential air service in a Freely Associated State market or markets will not be provided in the absence of the payment of compensation;
(2) Specified service, rate or fare conditions are or will be necessary or desirable to minimize the required subsidy compensation; and
(3) The imposition of such conditions will not unduly impair the service provided in the market.
(b) To the extent the carrier or carriers upon whom the conditions are imposed pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section do not hold a certificate, permit, or other authority from the Department that may be amended to effectively implement the specified conditions, the Department may notify the Government(s) of the Freely Associated States concerned that the imposition of such conditions on those carriers by those Governments shall be a precondition to the payment of the subsidy compensation required to maintain essential air service in the market in question.
(c) The Department may withhold or suspend its provision for the payment of subsidy compensation required to maintain essential air service unless and until the Freely Associated State(s) concerned take the necessary action to impose the specified conditions on the carriers referred to in paragraph (b) of this section, and those carriers have complied with the specified conditions.
(d) Any order of the Department imposing conditions, or requiring the imposition of conditions, pursuant to this paragraph shall be submitted to the President for review not less than 10 days prior to its effective date, and shall be subject to stay or disapproval by the President.
[Amdt. 272-1, 52 FR 5443, Feb. 23, 1987, as amended at 60 FR 43525, Aug. 22, 1995]