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§ 417.9
Launch site responsibility.
(a) A launch operator must ensure that launch processing at a launch site in the United States satisfies the requirements of this part. Launch processing at a launch site outside the United States may be subject to the requirements of the governing jurisdiction.
(b) For a launch from a launch site licensed under part 420 of this chapter, a launch operator must—
(1) Conduct its operations as required by any agreements that the launch site operator has with any Federal and local authorities under part 420 of this chapter; and
(2) Coordinate with the launch site operator and provide any information on its activities and potential hazards necessary for the launch site operator to determine how to protect any other launch operator, person, or property at the launch site as required by the launch site operator's obligations under § 420.55 of this chapter.
(c) For a launch from an exclusive-use site, where there is no licensed launch site operator, a launch operator must satisfy the requirements of this part and the public safety requirements of part 420 of this chapter. This subpart does not apply to licensed launches occurring from Federal launch ranges.