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§ 294.3
General requirements for Canadian charter air taxi operators.
A Canadian charter air taxi operator shall conduct charter air service between the United States and Canada only if it:
(a) Has been registered by the Department under this part;
(b) Does not directly or indirectly utilize large aircraft in charter air services;
(c) Has and maintains in effect liability insurance coverage that complies with the requirements set forth in subpart E of this part and has and maintains a current certificate of insurance evidencing such coverage on file with the Department;
(d) Has and maintains in effect and on file with the Department a signed counterpart of Agreement 18900 (OST Form 4523) and complies with all other requirements of part 203 of this chapter;
(e) Has effective authority from the Government of Canada to conduct charter air service between the United States and Canada.
(f) Has been granted Federal Aviation Administration operations specifications required under part 129 of the Federal Aviation Regulations;
(g) Is substantially owned and effectively controlled by Canadian citizens, or the Government of Canada, or a combination of both; and
(h) Complies with the terms, conditions, and limitations of this part.
(The reporting requirements contained in paragraph (d) were approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 3024-0064)
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