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§ 91.1051
Pilot safety background check.
Within 90 days of an individual beginning service as a pilot, the program manager must request the following information:
(a) FAA records pertaining to—
(1) Current pilot certificates and associated type ratings.
(2) Current medical certificates.
(3) Summaries of legal enforcement actions resulting in a finding by the Administrator of a violation.
(b) Records from all previous employers during the five years preceding the date of the employment application where the applicant worked as a pilot. If any of these firms are in bankruptcy, the records must be requested from the trustees in bankruptcy for those employees. If the previous employer is no longer in business, a documented good faith effort must be made to obtain the records. Records from previous employers must include, as applicable—
(1) Crew member records.
(2) Drug testing—collection, testing, and rehabilitation records pertaining to the individual.
(3) Alcohol misuse prevention program records pertaining to the individual.
(4) The applicant's individual record that includes certifications, ratings, aeronautical experience, effective date and class of the medical certificate.