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§ 302.417
Settlement of proceedings.
(a) The Deputy General Counsel and the respondent may agree to settle all or some of the issues in an enforcement proceeding at any time before a final decision is issued by the DOT decisionmaker. The Deputy General Counsel shall serve a copy of any proposed settlement on each party and shall submit the proposed settlement to the administrative law judge for approval. The submission of a proposed settlement shall not automatically delay the proceeding.
(b) Any party to the proceeding may submit written comments supporting or opposing the proposed settlement within ten (10) days from the date of service.
(c) The administrative law judge shall approve the proposed settlement, as submitted, if it appears to be in the public interest, or otherwise shall disapprove it.
(d) Information relating to settlement offers and negotiations will be withheld from public disclosure if the Deputy General Counsel determines that disclosure would interfere with the likelihood of settlement of an enforcement proceeding.