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§ 183.63
Continuing requirements: Products, parts or appliances.
For any approval or certificate for a product, part or appliance issued under the authority of this subpart, an ODA Holder must:
(a) Monitor reported service problems related to certificates or approvals it holds;
(b) Notify the Administrator of:
(1) A condition in a product, part or appliance that could result in a finding of unsafe condition by the Administrator; or
(2) A product, part or appliance not meeting the applicable airworthiness requirements for which the ODA Holder has obtained or issued a certificate or approval.
(c) Investigate any suspected unsafe condition or finding of noncompliance with the airworthiness requirements for any product, part or appliance, as required by the Administrator, and report to the Administrator the results of the investigation and any action taken or proposed.
(d) Submit to the Administrator the information necessary to implement corrective action needed for safe operation of the product, part or appliance.
[Doc. No. FAA-2003-16685, 70 FR 59947, Oct. 13, 2005, as amended by Amdt. 183-14, 76 FR 8893, Feb. 16, 2011]