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§ 298.30
Public disclosure of policy on consumer protection.
(a) Every air taxi and commuter air carrier shall cause to be displayed continuously in a conspicuous public place at each desk, station and position in the United States that is in charge of a person employed exclusively by it, or by it jointly with another person, or by any agent employed by it to sell tickets to passengers, a sign located so as to be clearly visible and readable to the traveling public, containing a statement setting forth the air taxi and commuter air carrier's policy on baggage liability and denied boarding compensation.
(b) An air taxi or commuter air carrier shall provide a written notice on or with a passenger's ticket concerning baggage liability as provided in § 254.5 of this chapter. These ticket notices are required only for passengers whose ticket includes a flight segment that uses large aircraft (more than 60 seats).
(c) If the substantive terms of the counter sign and ticket notice required by this section differ, the terms contained in the required ticket notice govern.