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§ 91.1049
(a) Each program manager and each fractional owner must use in program operations on program aircraft flight crews meeting § 91.1053 criteria and qualified under the appropriate regulations. The program manager must provide oversight of those crews.
(b) Each program manager must employ (either directly or by contract) an adequate number of pilots per program aircraft. Flight crew staffing must be determined based on the following factors, at a minimum:
(1) Number of program aircraft.
(2) Program manager flight, duty, and rest time considerations, and in all cases within the limits set forth in §§ 91.1057 through 91.1061.
(3) Vacations.
(4) Operational efficiencies.
(5) Training.
(6) Single pilot operations, if authorized by deviation under paragraph (d) of this section.
(c) Each program manager must publish pilot and flight attendant duty schedules sufficiently in advance to follow the flight, duty, and rest time limits in §§ 91.1057 through 91.1061 in program operations.
(d) Unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, when any program aircraft is flown in program operations with passengers onboard, the crew must consist of at least two qualified pilots employed or contracted by the program manager or the fractional owner.
(e) The program manager must ensure that trained and qualified scheduling or flight release personnel are on duty to schedule and release program aircraft during all hours that such aircraft are available for program operations.