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§ 161.409
Required analysis by reevaluation petitioner.
(a) An aircraft operator that has petitioned the FAA to reevaluate a restriction shall assume the burden of analysis for the reevaluation.
(b) The aircraft operator's analysis shall be made available for public review under the procedures in § 161.407 and shall include the following:
(1) A copy of the restriction or the language of the agreement as incorporated in a local ordinance, airport rule, lease, or other document;
(2) The aircraft operator's status under the restriction (e.g., currently affected operator, potential new entrant) and an explanation of the aircraft operator's specific objection to the restriction;
(3) The quantified change in the noise environment using methodology specified in this part;
(4) Evidence of the relationship between this change and the likelihood that the restriction does not meet one or more of the conditions in § 161.305; and
(5) Sufficient data and analysis selected from § 161.305, as applicable to the restriction at issue, to support the contention made in paragraph (b)(4) of this section. This is to include either an adequate environmental assessment of the impacts of discontinuing all or part of a restriction in accordance with the aircraft operator's petition, or adequate information supporting a categorical exclusion under FAA orders implementing the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. 4321).
(c) The amount of analysis may vary with the complexity of the restriction, the number and nature of the conditions in § 161.305 that are alleged to be unsupported, and the amount of previous analysis developed in support of the restriction. The aircraft operator may incorporate analysis previously developed in support of the restriction, including previous environmental documentation to the extent applicable. The applicant is responsible for providing substantial evidence, as described in § 161.305, that one or more of the conditions are not supported.