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§ 204.5
Certificated and commuter air carriers undergoing or proposing to undergo substantial change in operations, ownership, or management.
(a) A certificated or commuter air carrier proposing a substantial change in operations, ownership or management shall file the data set forth in § 204.3. These data must be submitted in cases where:
(1) The proposed change requires new or amended authority, or
(2) The change substantially alters the factors upon which its latest fitness finding is based, even if no new authority is required.
(b) Information which a carrier has previously formally filed with the Department, or with another Federal agency where they are available to the Department, which continues to reflect the current state of the carrier's fitness may be omitted. The carrier instead should identify the data and provide a citation for the date(s) and place(s) of filing. Prior to filing any data, the carrier may contact the Department (Air Carrier Fitness Division) to ascertain what data required by this section, if any, are already available to the Department or are not applicable to the substantial change in question and need not be included in the filing.
(c) Information filings pursuant to this section made to support an application for new or amended certificate authority shall be filed with the application and addressed to Docket Operations, M-30, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, DC 20590, or by electronic submission at http://dms.dot.gov.
(d) Information filed in support of a certificated or commuter air carrier's continuing fitness to operate under its existing authority in light of substantial changes in its operations, management, or ownership, including changes that may affect the air carrier's citizenship, shall be addressed to the Chief, Air Carrier Fitness Division, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, DC 20590.
(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2106-0023)
[Doc. No. 47582, 57 FR 38766, Aug. 27, 1992, as amended at 72 FR 20036, Apr. 23, 2007]