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§ 161.311
Application procedure for approval of proposed restriction.
Each applicant proposing a Stage 3 restriction shall submit to the FAA the following information for each restriction and alternative restriction submitted, with a request that the FAA review and approve the proposed Stage 3 noise or access restriction:
(a) A summary of evidence of the fulfillment of conditions for approval, as specified in § 161.305;
(b) An analysis as specified in § 161.305, as appropriate to the proposed restriction;
(c) A statement that the entity submitting the proposal is the party empowered to implement the restriction, or is submitting the proposal on behalf of such party; and
(d) A statement as to whether the airport requests, in the event of disapproval of the proposed restriction or any alternatives, that the FAA approve any portion of the restriction or any alternative that meets the statutory requirements for approval. An applicant requesting partial approval of any proposal should indicate its priorities as to portions of the proposal to be approved.