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§ 212.11
Issuance of statement of authorization.
(a) The Department will issue a statement of authorization if it finds that the proposed charter flight, part charter, or wet lease meets the requirements of this part and that it is in the public interest. Statements of authorization may be conditioned or limited.
(b) In determining the public interest the Department will consider (but not be limited to) the following factors:
(1) The extent to which the authority sought to covered by and consistent with bilateral agreements to which the United States is a party.
(2) The extent to which an applicant foreign air carrier's home country (and, in the case of a long-term wet lease, the lessee's home country) deals with U.S. air carriers on the basis of substantial reciprocity.
(3) Whether the applicant or its agent has previously violated the provisions of this part.
(4) Where the application concerns a long-term wet lease:
(i) Whether the lessor (applicant) or its agent or the lessee (charterer) or its agent has previously violated the provisions of the Department's charter regulations.
(ii) Whether, because of the nature of the arrangement and the benefits involved, the authority sought should be the subject of a bilateral agreement.
(iii) To what extent the lessor owns and/or controls the lessee, or is owned and/or controlled by the lessee.
(c) The Department will submit any denial of an authorization specifically required of a foreign air carrier under § 212.9(d) to the President of the United States at least 10 days before the proposed departure. The denial will be subject to stay or disapproval by the President within 10 days after it is submitted. A shorter period for Presidential review may be specified by the Department where the application for authorization is not timely or properly filed. Denial of a late-filed application need not be submitted to the President. For the purposes of this paragraph, an application filed by a foreign air carrier under § 212.9(d) to conduct a cargo charter will be considered as timely filed only if it is filed at least 30 calendar days before the proposed flight, notwithstanding the 10-day filing requirement for cargo charters in § 212.10(d)(3).
(d) The Department will publish notice of its actions on applications for statements of authorization in its Weekly List of Applications Filed. Interested persons may upon request obtain copies of letters of endorsed forms advising applicants of action taken on their applications.