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§ 133.27
Availability, transfer, and surrender of certificate.
(a) Each holder of a rotorcraft external-load operator certificate shall keep that certificate and a list of authorized rotorcraft at the home base of operations and shall make it available for inspection by the Administrator upon request.
(b) Each person conducting a rotorcraft external-load operation shall carry a facsimile of the Rotorcraft External-Load Operator Certificate in each rotorcraft used in the operation.
(c) If the Administrator suspends or revokes a Rotorcraft External-Load Operator Certificate, the holder of that certificate shall return it to the Administrator. If the certificate holder, for any other reason, discontinues operations under his certificate, and does not resume operations within two years, he shall return the certificate to the FAA Flight Standards District Office having jurisdiction over the area in which his home base of operations is located.
[Doc. No. 1529, 29 FR 603, Jan. 24, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 133-9, 51 FR 40708, Nov. 7, 1986; Amdt. 133-11, 54 FR 39294, Sept. 25, 1989]