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§ 135.63
Recordkeeping requirements.
(a) Each certificate holder shall keep at its principal business office or at other places approved by the Administrator, and shall make available for inspection by the Administrator the following—
(1) The certificate holder's operating certificate;
(2) The certificate holder's operations specifications;
(3) A current list of the aircraft used or available for use in operations under this part and the operations for which each is equipped;
(4) An individual record of each pilot used in operations under this part, including the following information:
(i) The full name of the pilot.
(ii) The pilot certificate (by type and number) and ratings that the pilot holds.
(iii) The pilot's aeronautical experience in sufficient detail to determine the pilot's qualifications to pilot aircraft in operations under this part.
(iv) The pilot's current duties and the date of the pilot's assignment to those duties.
(v) The effective date and class of the medical certificate that the pilot holds.
(vi) The date and result of each of the initial and recurrent competency tests and proficiency and route checks required by this part and the type of aircraft flown during that test or check.
(vii) The pilot's flight time in sufficient detail to determine compliance with the flight time limitations of this part.
(viii) The pilot's check pilot authorization, if any.
(ix) Any action taken concerning the pilot's release from employment for physical or professional disqualification.
(x) The date of the completion of the initial phase and each recurrent phase of the training required by this part; and
(5) An individual record for each flight attendant who is required under this part, maintained in sufficient detail to determine compliance with the applicable portions of § 135.273 of this part.
(b) Each certificate holder must keep each record required by paragraph (a)(3) of this section for at least 6 months, and must keep each record required by paragraphs (a)(4) and (a)(5) of this section for at least 12 months.
(c) For multiengine aircraft, each certificate holder is responsible for the preparation and accuracy of a load manifest in duplicate containing information concerning the loading of the aircraft. The manifest must be prepared before each takeoff and must include:
(1) The number of passengers;
(2) The total weight of the loaded aircraft;
(3) The maximum allowable takeoff weight for that flight;
(4) The center of gravity limits;
(5) The center of gravity of the loaded aircraft, except that the actual center of gravity need not be computed if the aircraft is loaded according to a loading schedule or other approved method that ensures that the center of gravity of the loaded aircraft is within approved limits. In those cases, an entry shall be made on the manifest indicating that the center of gravity is within limits according to a loading schedule or other approved method;
(6) The registration number of the aircraft or flight number;
(7) The origin and destination; and
(8) Identification of crew members and their crew position assignments.
(d) The pilot in command of an aircraft for which a load manifest must be prepared shall carry a copy of the completed load manifest in the aircraft to its destination. The certificate holder shall keep copies of completed load manifests for at least 30 days at its principal operations base, or at another location used by it and approved by the Administrator.
[Doc. No. 16097, 43 FR 46783, Oct. 10, 1978, as amended by Amdt. 135-52, 59 FR 42993, Aug. 19, 1994]