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§ 297.25
Cancellation or conditioning of registration.
The registration of a foreign indirect air carrier may be canceled or subjected to additional terms, conditions or limitations if:
(a) It files with the Department a written notice that it is discontinuing foreign indirect air carrier activities;
(b) It fails to perform air transportation services as authorized;
(c) It fails to file the reports required by this part;
(d) A substantial ownership or control interest is acquired by persons who are not citizens of the country of citizenship of the registrant;
(e) There is a failure of effective reciprocity; or
(f) The Department finds that it is in the public interest to do so.
[ER-1159, 44 FR 69635, Dec. 4, 1979, as amended by ER-1294, 47 FR 19685, May 7, 1982]