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§ 119.41
Amending a certificate.
(a) The Administrator may amend any certificate issued under this part if—
(1) The Administrator determines, under 49 U.S.C. 44709 and part 13 of this chapter, that safety in air commerce and the public interest requires the amendment; or
(2) The certificate holder applies for the amendment and the certificate-holding district office determines that safety in air commerce and the public interest allows the amendment.
(b) When the Administrator proposes to issue an order amending, suspending, or revoking all or part of any certificate, the procedure in § 13.19 of this chapter applies.
(c) When the certificate holder applies for an amendment of its certificate, the following procedure applies:
(1) The certificate holder must file an application to amend its certificate with the certificate-holding district office at least 15 days before the date proposed by the applicant for the amendment to become effective, unless the administrator approves filing within a shorter period; and
(2) The application must be submitted to the certificate-holding district office in the form and manner prescribed by the Administrator.
(d) When a certificate holder seeks reconsideration of a decision from the certificate-holding district office concerning amendments of a certificate, the following procedure applies:
(1) The petition for reconsideration must be made within 30 days after the certificate holder receives the notice of denial; and
(2) The certificate holder must petition for reconsideration to the Director, Flight Standards Service.