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§ 13.11
Administrative disposition of certain violations.
(a) If it is determined that a violation or an alleged violation of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958, or an order or regulation issued under it, or of the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act, or an order or regulation issued under it, does not require legal enforcement action, an appropriate official of the FAA field office responsible for processing the enforcement case or other appropriate FAA official may take administrative action in disposition of the case.
(b) An administrative action under this section does not constitute a formal adjudication of the matter, and may be taken by issuing the alleged violator—
(1) A “Warning Notice” which recites available facts and information about the incident or condition and indicates that it may have been a violation; or
(2) A “Letter of Correction” which confirms the FAA decision in the matter and states the necessary corrective action the alleged violator has taken or agrees to take. If the agreed corrective action is not fully completed, legal enforcement action may be taken.