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§ 135.393
Large nontransport category airplanes: Landing limitations: Destination airports.
(a) No person operating a large nontransport category airplane may take off that airplane at a weight that—
(1) Allowing for anticipated consumption of fuel and oil, is greater than the weight that would allow a full stop landing within 60 percent of the effective length of the most suitable runway at the destination airport; and
(2) Is greater than the weight allowable if the landing is to be made on the runway—
(i) With the greatest effective length in still air; and
(ii) Required by the probable wind, taking into account not more than 50 percent of the headwind component or not less than 150 percent of the tailwind component.
(b) For the purpose of this section, it is assumed that—
(1) The airplane passes directly over the intersection of the obstruction clearance plane and the runway at a height of 50 feet in a steady gliding approach at a true indicated airspeed of at least 1.3 Vso;
(2) The landing does not require exceptional pilot skill; and
(3) The airplane is operating in standard atmosphere.