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§ 385.14
Authority of the General Counsel.
(a) The General Counsel has authority to:
(1) Issue proposed or final regulations for the purpose of making editorial changes or corrections in the Department's rules and regulations to carry out Titles IV and X of the Act, with the concurrence of the staff offices primarily responsible for the parts or sections involved: Provided, That any final regulation so issued shall have an effective date not less than 20 days after its date of publication in the Federal Register, and shall include a brief reference to the review procedures established in subpart C of this part.
(2) Where a petition for review is duly filed, reverse any rulemaking action taken by him or her pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section by withdrawing a proposed or final regulation issued thereunder, in which case the petition for review will not be submitted to the Reviewing Official involved. (Such a withdrawal is not subject to the review procedures of subpart C of this part.)
(3) Issue, upon request therefor, interpretations of facts bearing upon disqualifications of former members and employees, and Department employees under § 300.13 or § 300.14 of this chapter (Procedural Regulations).
(4) Issue orders deferring action until after oral argument on motions submitted by parties subsequent to the issuance of an Administrative Law Judge's initial or recommended decision.
(5) Reissue existing regulations for the purpose of incorporating prior amendments adopted by the Department.
(b) To the extent that a hearing case is involved, the authority assigned to the General Counsel in paragraph (a) of this section shall not be reassigned to the Deputy General Counsel or exercised by the Deputy General Counsel in the capacity of Acting General Counsel.
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