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§ 294.21
Procedure on receipt of registration form.
(a) The Department will list the names and addresses of all persons applying for registration under this part in its Weekly Summary of Filings.
(b) Any person objecting to the registration of a Canadian charter air taxi operator shall file an objection with the Office of International Aviation, Special Authorities Division, and serve a copy on the applicant within 28 days after the Department receives the properly completed registration application. Objections shall include any facts and arguments upon which they are based.
(c) Any answers to objections shall be filed within 14 days after the date that the objections were due.
(d) After receipt of OST Form 4505, the Department may request additional information.
(e) After the period for objections and answers has expired, the Department will take one of the following actions:
(1) Issue the registration by stamping its effective date on OST Form 4505 and sending a copy of it to the carrier.
(2) Reject the application for failure to comply with this part;
(3) Issue the registration subject to such terms, conditions, or limitations as may be consistent with the public interest; or
(4) Institute evidentiary proceedings to consider whether the registration should be issued.
(f) An action described in paragraph (e) of this section will normally be taken within 60 days after the registration application is received. The Department will consider requests for faster action that include a full explanation of the need for expedited action.
(g) A registration shall not be issued until the Department receives evidence that the applicant has effective authority issued by the Government of Canada. The applicant must provide copies of its Air Carrier Operating certificate and non-scheduled international license issued by the Government of Canada.
(h) Rejection of an application for registration will not preclude the filing of a new application by the same carrier.
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