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§ 63.57
Skill requirements.
(a) An applicant for a flight navigator certificate must pass a practical test in navigating aircraft by—
(1) Dead reckoning;
(2) Celestial means; and
(3) Radio aids to navigation.
(b) An applicant must pass the written test prescribed by § 63.53 before taking the test under this section. However, if a delay in taking the test under this section would inconvenience the applicant or an air carrier, he may take it before he receives the result of the written test, or after he has failed the written test.
(c) The test requirements for this section are set forth in appendix A of this part.
[Doc. No. 1179, 27 FR 7970, Aug. 10, 1962, as amended by Amdt. 63-19, 43 FR 22639, May 25, 1978]