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§ 25.1581
(a) Furnishing information. An Airplane Flight Manual must be furnished with each airplane, and it must contain the following:
(1) Information required by §§ 25.1583 through 25.1587.
(2) Other information that is necessary for safe operation because of design, operating, or handling characteristics.
(3) Any limitation, procedure, or other information established as a condition of compliance with the applicable noise standards of part 36 of this chapter.
(b) Approved information. Each part of the manual listed in §§ 25.1583 through 25.1587, that is appropriate to the airplane, must be furnished, verified, and approved, and must be segregated, identified, and clearly distinguished from each unapproved part of that manual.
(c) [Reserved]
(d) Each Airplane Flight Manual must include a table of contents if the complexity of the manual indicates a need for it.
[Amdt. 25-42, 43 FR 2323, Jan. 16, 1978, as amended by Amdt. 25-72, 55 FR 29786, July 20, 1990]