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§ 25.941
Inlet, engine, and exhaust compatibility.
For airplanes using variable inlet or exhaust system geometry, or both—
(a) The system comprised of the inlet, engine (including thrust augmentation systems, if incorporated), and exhaust must be shown to function properly under all operating conditions for which approval is sought, including all engine rotating speeds and power settings, and engine inlet and exhaust configurations;
(b) The dynamic effects of the operation of these (including consideration of probable malfunctions) upon the aerodynamic control of the airplane may not result in any condition that would require exceptional skill, alertness, or strength on the part of the pilot to avoid exceeding an operational or structural limitation of the airplane; and
(c) In showing compliance with paragraph (b) of this section, the pilot strength required may not exceed the limits set forth in § 25.143(d), subject to the conditions set forth in paragraphs (e) and (f) of § 25.143.
[Amdt. 25-38, 41 FR 55467, Dec. 20, 1976, as amended by Amdt. 25-121, 72 FR 44669, Aug. 8, 2007]