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§ 420.27
Launch site location review—information requirements.
An applicant shall provide the following launch site location review information in its application:
(a) A map or maps showing the location of each launch point proposed, and the flight azimuth, IIP, flight corridor, and each impact range and impact dispersion area for each launch point;
(b) Each launch vehicle type and any launch vehicle class proposed for each launch point;
(c) Trajectory data;
(d) Wind data, including each month and any percent wind data used in the analysis;
(e) Any launch vehicle apogee used in the analysis;
(f) Each populated area located within a flight corridor or impact dispersion area;
(g) The estimated casualty expectancy calculated for each populated area within a flight corridor or impact dispersion area;
(h) The effective casualty areas used in the analysis;
(i) The estimated casualty expectancy for each flight corridor or set of impact dispersion areas; and
(j) If populated areas are located within an overflight exclusion zone, a demonstration that there are times when the public is not present or that the applicant has an agreement in place to evacuate the public from the overflight exclusion zone during a launch.