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§ 389.23
Application for waiver or modification of fees.
(a) Applications may be filed asking for waiver or modification of any fee paid under this subpart. Each applicant shall set forth the reasons why a waiver or modification should be granted, and by what legal authority.
(b) Applications asking for a waiver or modification of fees shall be sent to the Managing Director of the Board, and shall accompany the document filed. Applicants may appeal the decision of the Managing Director to the Board under § 385.50 of this chapter. When no petition for review is filed with the Board, or when the Board reviews the Managing Director's decision, if the amount found due is not paid within 10 days after receipt of notification of the final determination, the document shall be returned to the filing party.
(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 3024-0071)
[48 FR 642, Jan. 6, 1983, as amended by OR-215, 49 FR 6884, Feb. 24, 1984]