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§ 414.29
Safety approval transfer.
(a) Only the FAA may approve a transfer of a safety approval.
(b) Either the holder of a safety approval or the prospective transferee may request a safety approval transfer.
(c) Both the holder and prospective transferee must agree to the transfer.
(d) The person requesting the transfer must submit a safety approval application according to § 414.11, must meet the applicable requirements of this part, and may incorporate by reference relevant portions of the initial application.
(e) The FAA will approve a transfer of a safety approval only after all the approvals and determinations required under this chapter for a safety approval have been met. In conducting reviews and issuing approvals and determinations, the FAA may incorporate by reference any findings made part of the record to support the initial safety approval determination. The FAA may modify the terms and conditions of a safety approval to reflect any changes necessary because of a safety approval transfer.
(f) The FAA will provide written notice to the person requesting the safety approval transfer of our determination.
(g) If the FAA denies a transfer request, the applicant may correct any deficiency the FAA identified and request a reconsideration of the revised application. The applicant also has the right to appeal a denial as set forth in subpart D of this part.