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§ 417.103
Safety organization.
(a) A launch operator must maintain and document a safety organization. A launch operator must identify lines of communication and approval authority for all public safety decisions, including those regarding design, operations, and analysis. A launch operator must describe its lines of communication, both within the launch operator's organization and between the launch operator and any federal launch range or other launch site operator providing launch services, in writing. Documented approval authority shall also be employed by the launch operator throughout the life of the launch system to ensure public safety and compliance with this part.
(b) A launch operator's safety organization must include, but need not be limited to, the following launch management positions:
(1) An employee of the launch operator who has the launch operator's final approval authority for launch. This employee, referred to as the launch director in this part, must ensure compliance with this part.
(2) An employee of the launch operator who is authorized to examine all aspects of the launch operator's launch safety operations and to monitor independently personnel compliance with the launch operator's safety policies and procedures. This employee, referred to as the safety official in this part, shall have direct access to the launch director, who shall ensure that all of the safety official's concerns are addressed prior to launch.