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§ 161.413
Reevaluation procedure.
(a) Each aircraft operator requesting a reevaluation shall submit to the FAA:
(1) The analysis described in § 161.409;
(2) Evidence that the public review process was carried out in accordance with §§ 161.407 and 161.411, including the aircraft operator's summary of the comments received; and
(3) A request that the FAA complete a reevaluation of the restriction and issue findings.
(b) Following confirmation by the FAA that the aircraft operator's documentation is complete according to the requirements of this subpart, the FAA will publish a notice of reevaluation in the Federal Register and provide for a 45-day comment period during which interested parties may submit comments to the FAA. The FAA will specifically solicit comments from the affected airport operator and affected local governments. A submission that is not complete will be returned to the aircraft operator with a letter indicating the deficiency, and no notice will be published. No further action will be taken by the FAA until a complete submission is received.
(c) The FAA will review all submitted documentation and comments pursuant to the conditions of § 161.305. To the extent necessary, the FAA may request additional information from the aircraft operator, airport operator, and others known to have information material to the reevaluation, and may convene an informal meeting to gather facts relevant to a reevaluation finding.