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§ 171.23
Requests for IFR procedure.
(a) Each person who requests an IFR procedure based on a nondirectional radio beacon facility that he owns must submit the following information with that request:
(1) A description of the facility and evidence that the equipment meets the performance requirements of § 171.27 and is installed in accordance with § 171.29.
(2) A proposed procedure for operating the facility.
(3) A proposed maintenance arrangement and a maintenance manual that meets the requirements of § 171.31.
(4) A statement of intention to meet the requirements of this subpart.
(5) A showing that the facility has an acceptable level of operational reliability and an acceptable standard of performance. Previous equivalent operational experience with a facility with identical design and operational characteristics will be considered in showing compliance with this subparagraph.
(b) After the FAA inspects and evaluates the facility, it advises the owner of the results and of any required changes in the facility or the maintenance manual or maintenance organization. The owner must then correct the deficiencies, if any, and operate the facility for an in-service evaluation by the FAA.
[Doc. No. 5034, 29 FR 11337, Aug. 6, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 171-7, 35 FR 12711, Aug. 11, 1970]