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§ 385.10
Authority of Chief Administrative Law Judge, Office of Hearings.
The Chief Administrative Law Judge has authority to:
(a) Consolidate, upon recommendation of the Director, Office of International Aviation (or such staff member of the Office of International Aviation as he or she may designate), into one proceeding cases involving the investigation of a tariff or of complaints concerned with related tariffs.
(b) With respect to matters to be decided after notice and hearing:
(1) Dismiss applications or complaints (except those falling under subpart D of part 302 of this chapter (Procedural Regulations)) when such dismissal is requested or consented to by the applicant or complainant, or where such party has failed to prosecute such application or complaint;
(2) Dismiss proceedings upon his or her finding that the proceeding has become moot or that no further basis for continuation exists; and
(3) Dismiss an application subject to dismissal as stale under part 302 of this chapter.
[49 FR 50985, Dec. 31, 1984, as amended at 55 FR 20448, May 17, 1990; 65 FR 6457, Feb. 9, 2000]