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§ 31.1
(a) This part prescribes airworthiness standards for the issue of type certificates and changes to those certificates, for manned free balloons.
(b) Each person who applies under Part 21 for such a certificate or change must show compliance with the applicable requirements of this part.
(c) For purposes of this part—
(1) A captive gas balloon is a balloon that derives its lift from a captive lighter-than-air gas;
(2) A hot air balloon is a balloon that derives its lift from heated air;
(3) The envelope is the enclosure in which the lifting means is contained;
(4) The basket is the container, suspended beneath the envelope, for the balloon occupants;
(5) The trapeze is a harness or is a seat consisting of a horizontal bar or platform suspended beneath the envelope for the balloon occupants; and
(6) The design maximum weight is the maximum total weight of the balloon, less the lifting gas or air.
[Doc. No. 1437, 29 FR 8258, July 1, 1964, as amended by Amdt. 31-3, 41 FR 55474, Dec. 20, 1976]