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§ 375.43
Application for foreign aircraft permit.
(a) Applications for foreign aircraft permits shall be submitted on OST Form 4509, (Appendix A), in duplicate, addressed to the Chief, Discrete Operations Branch, Licensing Division, P-45, Office of Aviation Operations. Upon a showing of good cause, applications may be made by telegram or by telephone.
(b) Applications shall contain a proper identification (including citizenship) of the applicant (the operator of the aircraft concerned) and of the owner thereof (if different from the applicant), a description of the aircraft by make, model, and registration marks; and a full description of the operations for which authority is desired, indicating type and dates of operations and number of flights, and routing. In the case of cargo flights, the names of all contractors, agents, if any, and the beneficial owner of the cargo, and a description of the cargo and of the proposed operations shall be provided. In the case of passenger flights, a full identification and description of the group chartering the aircraft, and identification of the travel agent, if any, shall be provided. Applications shall also contain a statement as to whether the applicant's homeland allows operators of U.S.-registered aircraft to conduct similar operations.
(c) Applications shall be filed at least 15 days in advance of the proposed commencement date of the operations. The Department may direct the applicant to serve copies of its application on additional persons. Late applications may be considered by the Department upon a showing of good cause.
(d) (1) Any party in interest may file a memorandum supporting or opposing an application. Two copies of each memorandum shall be filed within 7 business days after the application is filed but no later than the proposed commencement date of the operations. Memoranda will be considered to the extent practicable; the Department may act on an application without waiting for supporting or opposing memoranda to be filed.
(2) Each memorandum shall set forth the reasons why the applications should be granted or denied, accompanied by whatever data, including affidavits, the Department is asked to consider.
(3) A copy of each memorandum shall be served on the applicant.
(e) (1) Unless otherwise ordered by the Department, each application and memorandum filed in response shall be available for public inspection at the Licensing Division of the Office of Aviation Operations immediately upon filing. Notice of the filing of all applications shall be published in the Department's Weekly List of Applications Filed.
(2) Any person objecting to public disclosure of any information in an application or memorandum must state the grounds for the objection in writing. If the Department finds that disclosure of all or part of the information should be withheld under applicable provisions of law, and the public interest does not require disclosure, it will order that the injurious information be withheld.
(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2106-0002)