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§ 151.51
Performance of construction work: Sponsor force account.
(a) Before undertaking any force account construction work, the sponsor (or any public agency acting as agent for the sponsor) must obtain the written consent of the Administrator through the Area Manager. In requesting that consent, the sponsor must submit—
(1) Adequate plans and specifications showing the nature and extent of the construction work to be performed under that force account;
(2) A schedule of the proposed construction and of the construction equipment that will be available for the project;
(3) Assurance that adequate labor, material, equipment, engineering personnel, as well as supervisory and inspection personnel as required by § 151.45(f), will be provided; and
(4) A detailed estimate of the cost of the work, broken down for each class of costs involved, such as labor, materials, rental of equipment, and other pertinent items of cost.
(b) [Reserved]
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