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§ 141.91
Satellite bases.
The holder of a pilot school certificate or provisional pilot school certificate may conduct ground training or flight training in an approved course of training at a base other than its main operations base if:
(a) An assistant chief instructor is designated for each satellite base, and that assistant chief instructor is available at that base or, if away from the premises, by telephone, radio, or other electronic means during the time that training is provided for an approved training course;
(b) The airport, facilities, and personnel used at the satellite base meet the appropriate requirements of subpart B of this part and its approved training course outline;
(c) The instructors are under the direct supervision of the chief instructor or assistant chief instructor for the appropriate training course, who is readily available for consultation in accordance with § 141.85(b) of this part; and
(d) The FAA Flight Standards District Office having jurisdiction over the area in which the school is located is notified in writing if training is conducted at a base other than the school's main operations base for more than 7 consecutive days.
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