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§ 158.69
Recordkeeping and auditing: Collecting carriers.
(a) Collecting carriers shall establish and maintain for each public agency for which they collect a PFC an accounting record of PFC revenue collected, remitted, refunded and compensation retained under § 158.53(a) of this part. The accounting record shall identify the airport at which the passengers were enplaned.
(b) Each collecting carrier that collects more than 50,000 PFC's annually shall provide for an audit at least annually of its PFC account.
(1) The audit shall be performed by an accredited independent public accountant and may be of limited scope. The accountant shall express an opinion on the fairness and reasonableness of the carrier's procedures for collecting, holding, and dispersing PFC revenue. The opinion shall also address whether the quarterly reports required under § 158.65 fairly represent the net transactions in the PFC account.
(2) For the purposes of an audit under this section, collection is defined as the point when agents or other intermediaries remit PFC revenue to the carrier.
(3) Upon request, a copy of the audit shall be provided to each public agency for which a PFC is collected.