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§ 129.7
Application, issuance, or denial of operations specifications.
(a) A foreign air carrier or foreign person applying to the FAA for operations specifications under this part must submit an application—
(1) In a form and manner prescribed by the Administrator; and
(2) At least 90 days before the intended date of operation.
(b) An authorized officer or employee of the applicant, having knowledge of the matters stated in the application, must sign the application and certify in writing that the statements in the application are true. The application must include two copies of the appropriate written authority issued to that officer or employee by the applicant.
(c) A foreign applicant may be issued operations specifications, if after review, the Administrator finds the applicant—
(1) Meets the applicable requirements of this part;
(2) Holds the economic or exemption authority required by the Department of Transportation, applicable to the operations to be conducted;
(3) Complies with the applicable security requirements of 49 CFR chapter XII;
(4) Is properly and adequately equipped to conduct the operations described in the operations specifications; and
(5) Holds a valid air operator certificate issued by the State of the Operator.
(d) An application may be denied if the Administrator finds that the applicant is not properly or adequately equipped to conduct the operations to be described in the operations specifications.
[Doc. No. FAA-2009-0140; 76 FR 7489, Feb. 10, 2011]