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§ 389.15
Certification of copies of documents.
The Secretary of the Board will provide, on request, certifications or validation (with the Civil Aeronautics Board seal) of documents filed with or issued by the Board. Copies of tariffs filed with the Board will be certified only when such copies have been made under the Board's supervision upon request of the applicant. Charges for this service are as follows:
(a) Certification of the Secretary, $2. This fee includes clerical services involved in checking the authenticity of records to be certified. If copying of the documents to be certified is required, the copying charges provided for in § 389.14 will be in addition to the charges specified in this section.
(b) [Reserved]
[OR-27, 33 FR 70, Jan. 4, 1968, as amended by OR-35, 34 FR 5598, Mar. 25, 1969]