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§ 297.24
Notification to the Department of change of operations.
(a) Not later than 30 days before any change in its name or address or any temporary or permanent cessation of operations, each foreign indirect air carrier shall notify the Department's Office of Aviation Analysis, Special Authorities Division, of the change by resubmitting OST Form 4506.
(b) The registrant shall apply for an amendment of its registration not later than 30 days after any person listed on its existing registration as owning or holding beneficial ownership of 10 percent or more of the registrant's stock no longer has an interest of 10 percent or more, or after any person not so listed becomes an owner or holder of 10 percent or more. Application for amendment shall be made by resubmitting OST Form 4506, but the existing registration shall remain valid pending Department action on the amendment.
[ER-1159, 44 FR 69635, Dec. 4, 1979, as amended by Doc. No. 47939, 57 FR 40103, Sept. 2, 1992; 60 FR 43527, Aug. 22, 1995]