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§ 21.127
Tests: aircraft.
(a) Each person manufacturing aircraft under a type certificate must establish an approved production flight test procedure and flight check-off form, and in accordance with that form, flight test each aircraft produced.
(b) Each production flight test procedure must include the following:
(1) An operational check of the trim, controllability, or other flight characteristics to establish that the production aircraft has the same range and degree of control as the prototype aircraft.
(2) An operational check of each part or system operated by the crew while in flight to establish that, during flight, instrument readings are within normal range.
(3) A determination that all instruments are properly marked, and that all placards and required flight manuals are installed after flight test.
(4) A check of the operational characteristics of the aircraft on the ground.
(5) A check on any other items peculiar to the aircraft being tested that can best be done during the ground or flight operation of the aircraft.