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§ 171.267
Glide path automatic monitor system.
(a) The ISMLS glide path equipment must provide an automatic monitor system that transmits a warning to designated local and remote control points when any of the following occurs:
(1) A shift of the mean ISMLS glide path angle equivalent to more than 0.075θ.
(2) For glide paths in which the basic functions are provided by the use of a single frequency system, a reduction of power output to less than 50 percent.
(3) A change of the angle between the glide path and the line below the glide path (150 Hz predominating), at which a DDM of 0.0875 is realized by more than ±0.0375θ.
(4) Lowering of the line beneath the ISMLS glide path at which a DDM of 0.0875 is realized to less than 0.75θ from the horizontal.
(5) Failure of any part of the monitor itself. Such failure must automatically produce the same results as the malfunctioning of the element being monitored.
(b) At glide path facilities where the selected nominal angular displacement sensitivity corresponds to an angle below the ISMLS glide path, which is close to or at the maximum limits specified, an adjustment to the monitor operating limits may be made to protect against sector deviations below 0.75θ from the horizontal.
(c) Within 10 seconds of the occurrence of any of the conditions prescribed in paragraph (a) of this section, including periods of zero radiation, glide path signal radiation must cease.