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§ 298.65
Requests for extensions of time within which to file reports or for waivers from reporting requirements.
(a) If circumstances prevent the filing of BTS Form 298-C on or before the due date, a written request for an extension may be submitted. Except in cases of emergency, the request must be delivered to the BTS's Office of Airline Information in writing at least three days in advance of the due date. The request must state good and sufficient reason to justify the granting of the extension and the date when the reports can be filed. If the request is denied, the air carrier remains subject to the filing requirements to the same extent as if no request for extension of time had been made.
(b) The Office of Airline Information may waive any reporting requirements contained in §§ 298.61, 298.62, 298.63 and 298.64 of this part, upon its own initiative or upon written request from any air carrier if the waiver is in the public interest and the request demonstrates that:
(1) Unusual circumstances warrant such a departure;
(2) A specifically defined alternative procedure or technique will result in a substantially equivalent or more accurate portrayal; and
(3) The application of the alternative procedure will maintain or improve uniformity in reporting between air carriers.
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