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§ 385.20
Authority of the Inspector General.
The Inspector General has authority to:
(a) Require special reports, including documentation, from any air carrier regarding audits and other examinations of carrier facilities, operations, and accounting and statistical records.
(b) (1) For accounting purpose, make findings regarding the reasonable necessity for the application of the Department authority to obtain access to lands, buildings, and equipment, and to inspect, examine, and make notes and copies of accounts, records, documents, papers, and correspondence of persons having control over, or affiliated with, any person subject to regulation used to carry out titles IV and X of the Act through issuance of an appropriate order, letter, or other transmittal;
(2) Authorize one or more auditors or special agents to conduct audits, inspections, and examinations and to make notes and copies in accordance with such findings.
(c) Release to the carrier that is the subject of a financial audit the audit report and other information developed during the audit.
(d) Require submission by carriers of special statements necessary to an explanation of any carrier accounting practice.
[Doc. No. T-1, 49 FR 50985, Dec. 31, 1984. Redesignated by Doc. No. OST-96-1268, 61 FR 19170, May 1, 1996]