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§ 158.87
Loss of Federal airport grant funds.
(a) If the Administrator determines that revenue derived from a PFC is excessive or is not being used as approved, the Administrator may reduce the amount of funds otherwise payable to the public agency under 49 U.S.C. 47114. Such a reduction may be made as a corrective action under § 158.83 or § 158.85 of this part.
(b) The amount of the reduction under paragraph (a) of this section shall equal the excess collected, or the amount not used in accordance with this part.
(c) A reduction under paragraph (a) of this section shall not constitute a withholding of approval of a grant application or the payment of funds under an approved grant within the meaning of 49 U.S.C. 47111(d).
[Doc. No. 26385, 56 FR 24278, May 29, 1991, as amended by Amdt. 158-2, 65 FR 34543, May 30, 2000]