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§ 302.27
Rights of witnesses; attendance fees and mileage.
(a) Any person appearing as a witness in any proceeding governed by this part, whether in response to a subpoena or by request or permission of the Department, may be accompanied, represented, and advised by counsel and may be examined by that counsel after other questioning.
(b) Any person who submits data or evidence in a proceeding governed by this part, whether in response to a subpoena or by request or permission of the Department, may retain, or, on payment of lawfully prescribed costs, procure, a copy of any document so submitted or a copy of any transcript made of such testimony.
(c) No person whose attendance at a hearing or whose deposition is to be taken shall be obliged to respond to a subpoena unless upon a service of the subpoena he or she is tendered attendance fees and mileage by the party at whose instance he or she is called in accordance with the requirements of paragraphs (c)(1) and (2) of this section; Provided, That a witness summoned at the instance of the Department or one of its employees, or a salaried employee of the United States summoned to testify as to matters related to his or her public employment, need not be tendered such fees or mileage at that time.
(1) Witnesses who are not salaried employees of the United States, or such employees summoned to testify on matters not related to their public employment, shall be paid the same per diem, subsistence, and mileage fees paid to witnesses for like service in the courts of the United States that are in effect at the time of travel; Provided, That no employee, officer, or attorney of an air carrier who travels under the free or reduced rate provisions of section 41511 of the Statute shall be entitled to any fees or mileage; And provided further, That such fees and mileage shall not be applicable for witnesses summoned to testify in Alaska, and that, in Alaska, where permitted by section 41511 of the Statute, the witness may, at his or her option, accept a pass for travel by air. Such witnesses shall be furnished appropriate forms and instructions for the submission of claims for attendance fees, subsistence, and mileage from the Government before the close of the proceedings that they are required to attend. Only persons summoned by subpoena shall be entitled to claim attendance fees, subsistence, or mileage from the Government.
(2) Witnesses who are salaried employees of the United States and who are summoned to testify on matters relating to their public employment, irrespective of at whose instance they are summoned, shall be paid in accordance with applicable Government regulations.