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§ 302.3
Filing of documents.
(a) Filing address, date of filing, hours.
(1) Documents required by any section of this part to be filed with the Department must be filed with Department of Transportation Dockets at the Department's offices in Washington, DC. Documents may be filed either on paper or by electronic means using the process set at the DOT Dockets Management System (DMS) internet website.
(2) Such documents will be deemed to be filed on the date on which they are actually received by the Department. Documents must be filed between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., eastern standard or daylight savings time, whichever is in effect in the District of Columbia at the time, Monday to Friday, inclusive, except on legal holidays. Electronic filings may be made at any time under the process set by the Department. Electronic filings that are received after the specified Dockets Facility hours shall be deemed to be constructively received on the next Dockets Facility business day.
(b) Formal specifications of documents.
(1) Documents filed under this part must be on white paper not larger than 812 by 11 inches, including any tables, charts and other documents that may be included. Ink must be black to provide substantial contrast for scanning and photographic reproduction. Text must be double-spaced (except for footnotes and long quotations which may be single-spaced) using type not smaller than 12 point. The left margin must be at least 112 inches; all other margins must be at least 1 inch. The title page and first page must bear a clear date and all subsequent pages must bear a page number and abbreviated heading. In order to facilitate automated processing in document sheet feeders, documents of more than one page should be held together with removable metal clips or similar retainers. Original documents may not be bound in any form or include tabs, except in cases assigned by order to an Administrative Law Judge for hearing, in which case the filing requirements will be set by order. Section 302.35 contains additional requirements as to the contents and style of briefs.
(2) Papers may be reproduced by any duplicating process, provided all copies are clear and legible. Appropriate notes or other indications must be used, so that the existence of any matters shown in color on the original will be accurately indicated on all copies.
(c) Number of copies. Unless otherwise specified, an executed original, along with the number of true copies set forth below for each type of proceeding, must be filed with Department of Transportation Dockets. The copies filed need not be signed, but the name of the person signing the original document, as distinguished from the firm or organization he or she represents, must also be typed or printed on all copies below the space provided for signature. Electronic filers need only submit one copy of the document, which must conform to the submission requirements given in the electronic filing instructions at the specified DOT DMS internet website and in this part, as applicable.
Numberof copies
Airport Fees
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Other (under 49 U.S.C. 41309)
Mail Contracts
Rates, Fares and Charges in Foreign Air Transportation
Unfair Practices in Foreign Air Transportation
Employee Protection Program (14 CFR 314)
Computer Reservations Systems (14 CFR 255)
Slot Exemptions (under 49 U.S.C. 41714)
Tariffs (under 49 U.S.C. Chapter 415 or 14 CFR 221)
Other (under 49 U.S.C. 40109)
Foreign Air Carrier Permits/Exemptions
International Authority for U.S. Air Carriers (certificates, exemptions, allocation of limited frequencies, designations, or charters)
Mail Rate Proceedings
Name Change/Trade Name Registrations
Suspension of Service (14 CFR 323)
Tariff Justifications to exceed Standard International Fare Level
U.S. Air Carrier Certificates (involving Initial or Continuing Fitness)
Other matters
(d) Prohibition and dismissal of certain documents.
(1) No document that is subject to the general requirements of this subpart concerning form, filing, subscription, service or similar matters will be accepted for filing by the Department, and will not be physically incorporated in the docket of the proceeding, unless:
(i) Such document and its filing by the person submitting it have been expressly authorized or required in the Statute, any other law, this part, other Department regulations, or any order, notice or other document issued by the DOT decisionmaker, the Chief Administrative Law Judge or an administrative law judge assigned to the proceeding, and
(ii) Such document complies with each of the requirements of this paragraph and 302.7, and for those electronically filed, the requirements specified at the DOT DMS internet website, and is submitted as a formal application, complaint, petition, motion, answer, pleading, or similar paper rather than as a letter, telegram, or other informal written communication; Provided, however, That for good cause shown, pleadings of any public body or civic organization or comments concerning tariff agreements that have not been docketed, may be submitted in the form of a letter.
(2) If any document initiating, or filed in, a proceeding is not in substantial conformity with the applicable rules or regulations of the Department as to the contents thereof, or is otherwise insufficient, the Department, on its own initiative, or on motion of any party, may reject, strike or dismiss such document, or require its amendment.
(e) Official docket copy. With respect to all documents filed under this part, the electronic record produced by the Department shall thereafter be the official docket copy of the document and any subsequent copies generated by the Department's electronic records system will be usable for admission as record copies in any proceeding before the Department.
(f) Retention of documents by the Department. All documents filed with or presented to the Department Dockets will be retained in the permanent docket of the Department of Transportation.