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§ 121.921
Training devices and simulators.
(a) Each flight training device or airplane simulator that will be used in an AQP for one of the following purposes must be evaluated by the FAA for assignment of a flight training device or flight simulator qualification level:
(1) Required evaluation of individual or crew proficiency.
(2) Training to proficiency or training activities that determine if an individual or crew is ready for an evaluation of proficiency.
(3) Activities used to meet recency of experience requirements.
(4) Line Operational Simulations (LOS).
(b) Approval of other training equipment.
(1) Any training equipment that is intended to be used in an AQP for purposes other than those set forth in paragraph (a) of this section must be approved by the FAA for its intended use.
(2) An applicant for approval of training equipment under this paragraph must identify the device by its nomenclature and describe its intended use.
(3) Each training device approved for use in an AQP must be part of a continuing program to provide for its serviceability and fitness to perform its intended function as approved by the FAA.